Digital mental health care startup

The technological response to the growing social needs for treatment of addictions, mental health improvement and eliminating eating disorders

An innovative smart platform with a unique Artificial Intelligence module. Therapists working with the platform are supported by an AI module that predicts addiction relapse. The only solution of this kind in Europe.

Supertherapist Panel

An intelligent tool supporting the therapist's daily work with patients that allows the specialist to manage patient relations, set up their availability, conduct correspondence, send dedicated questionnaires, and finally, conduct therapy via chat, video or telephone conversation.

Our implementations and apps

Helping Hand Smart Platform
Centrum Medyczne Damiana (Medicover Group)
City of Gdansk

A healthcare tech startup

We are changing the world of online mental health therapy. We combine deep expertise and experience in medicine and technology.

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What Clients Say

Starting today, The Damian Medical Center, through cooperation with the startup Helping Hand (Digital Medical), is providing access to an application that responds to patients needs at this unique time

Marek Kubicki
Board Member CMD

With great hope, the City of Gdansk has launched the pilot project "e-Theraphy in Gdansk" in cooperation with the creators of the comprehensive system for remote addiction therapy "Helping Hand". Tools developed by the team led by Marcin Brysiak may prove to be a breakthrough as an effective solution for those affected by alcohol problems who are fighting their addiction.

dr Marek Jankowski
Director of the Gdańsk Centre for Health Promotion and Addiction Prevention
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